Steca PLI Parallelkit

Parallel kit, accessories for Steca Solarix PLI


This additional kit is used to connect the Steca Solarix PLI 5000-48 or Solarix PLI 2400-24 inverters/chargers so that the AC output can be connected in parallel or installed as a 3-phase system with 120° phase shift between more than one Solarix PLI. This allows for up to nine devices to be connected in various combinations.
Note: Only inverters of the same model may be interconnected!
One kit is required per interconnected inverter.


Product data sheet

  •  Steca PLI Parallelkit productdatasheet DE · pdf · 0,930 MB
  •  Steca PLI Parallelkit productdatasheet EN · pdf · 0.930 MB


  •  Steca PLI Parallelkit manual DE · pdf · 2.770 MB
  •  Steca PLI Parallelkit manual EN · pdf · 2.769 MB
  •  Steca PLI Parallelkit manual FR · pdf · 2.776 MB
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