Reduce system downtime by seeing and taking action on all components of your system

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FernView dashboard notebook



FernLite is easy to install, simply scan the QR code on your box and follow the step-by-step instructions to connect to your Steca inverter. No external power required.


Track performance, system health and usage metrics across the entire portfolio.


Change system configurations remotely to avoid site visits, and receive custom notifications via e-mail if something goes wrong.

Watch a short demo of key FernLite features here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c6G_Dql7RyxZGVShllaHLF0ffsVZDCT5/view

Odyssey is the leading solar asset management technology platform globally. They have successfully deployed 1500+ systems across 20+ countries as solutions for diverse assets, helping achieve scale while saving time and money.


- Intuitive status overview of all systems
- Standardized dashboard with layout diagram, Key performance indicators and charts to immediately understand how a system is performing
- Change the inverter configuration remotely
- Keep history record of all configuration changes made
- Set-up notifications via e-mail or slack when an alarm is triggered or thresholds are reached
- Export data via to csv/excel
- API integration available for third-party software
- Create unlimited number of users and manage their rights
- Manage sub-companies to logically organize systems and users
- in English, Spanish and French available
- Advanced monitoring and control features also available on request


Product data sheet

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Product pics, technical drawings, etc.

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