Steca has long stood for ideas and innovations as an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider and manufacturer of Steca brand product lines in solar electronics and battery charging systems. Our capability and personal responsibility allow us all to create high-quality individual electronic products and to distribute them on a global scale. Simple business processes, fair partnerships and transparent communication are perceptible and contribute to our joint success.

The success of a project is determined by well thought out and coordinated processes, combined with the expertise, flexibility and experience of a modern service company. Steca has mastered these different steps and processes and guarantees completion to deadlines, consistent high quality and an excellent price-performance ratio.

As a leading supplier of products for the solar electronics industry, we set the international standard for the regulation and control of solar energy systems. In the three market segments PV grid connected, PV off grid and Solar thermal, the Steca brand is synonymous with innovation and vision. In conception, development, production and marketing, the company is committed to the highest quality standards.

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Steca battery charging technology stands out from the start thanks to its high quality and durability. For decades we have been developing efficient and user-friendly charging technology in cooperation with leading battery manufacturers and institutes in order to ensure that you can use your batteries safely.

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dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme Mexico

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KATEK Memmingen GmbH

KATEK in Memmingen, Bavaria, have been synonymous with creativity and innovation as a provider of electronic services and battery charging systems for over 35 years.
KATEK Memmingen began developing and producing their own solar electronic products in 1990.
KATEK Memmingen is now a leading supplier of a wide base of solar electronic products and delivers to over 80 countries worldwide. The production facilities occupy over 29,000 square metres with over 650 employees.
In the three market segments PV grid connected, PV off grid and Solar thermal systems, the Steca brand is internationally synonymous with innovation and vision.
Nowadays Steca stands for high efficiency power electronics for solar applications.

The dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme

The dena RES Programme was developed by the Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) – the German Energy Agency. This programme, co-financed by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within the initiative “renewables – Made in Germany”, supports renewable energy companies entering new markets. Within the framework of the programme reference and demonstration projects are installed nearby designated institutions in different countries around the world. The installation is accompanied by comprehensive marketing and training programmes. These projects impressively present high-quality renewable energy technology.

The dena RES Project Mexico is part of the worldwide dena Renewable Energy Solutions Programme coordinated by Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) - the German Energy Agency - and cofinanced by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) within the initiative „renewables – Made in Germany“.

The project

Within the dena RES Project Mexico KATEK Memmingen GmbH installed 6 different Photovoltaic systems at different locations in Mexico. The idea is to demonstrate renewable energy technology „made in Germany“ to show the performance of high efficiency power electronics within different applications. A photovoltaic-wind hybrid system shows the power of the combination of different sources of renewable energy.
The performance and especially the high efficiency of the system components show the power of the latest state of the art of PV technology made in germany. The StecaGrid 3000 coolcept inverters show efficiency rates of 99% under real conditions. The Steca Tarom 4545 solar charge controller can show the most modern charging technology within the project. It supplies the Steca PF 240 solar freezer with A+++ cooling technology. Also 12 V high efficiency LEDs show good performance in the solar driven street lights.

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The partners

KATEK Memmingen GmbH
Project lead and coordination

Project executing organization

Installation and system partner

Marketing and installation partner

Colegio Aleman
Project site

Project site

Project site

Caminando Unidos
Project site

Supplier of solar modules

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Technical data

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Yield data

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