System controllers

System controller, Solar collector,

for maximum heat yield

Increasing energy prices drive the operating costs for room heating and drinking water heating ever upwards. Greater use of renewable energy sources is the only way to become gradually more independent of this trend. Using less fossil fuels has a desirable side effect: a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

So-called system controllers are designed to maxi­mise the heat yield of these complex systems – they are specialised in optimising the interaction of ­various heat sources, hydraulic versions and loads.

Our system controllers fulfill these demands: their intelligent control concept guides the heat management of the entire system and guarantees convenient, demand-oriented and reliable provision of heat primarily from renewable energy sources, always focusing on maximum system efficiency.

This is proven by the recorded measurement data which documents yields and consumption; remote data transmission, visualisation and analysis software replace cost-intensive on-site maintenance of the system.

Our system controllers offer also high flexi­bility and modularity: in addition to numerous pre-programmed hydraulic versions, optional functions allow individual integration in the existing hydraulic system. Expansion modules allow the system to be expanded as required.

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