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StecaGrid Control StecaGrid Control

StecaGrid Control photo 300dpi 3D .jpg
StecaGrid Control photo 300dpi 3D .jpg


StecaGrid Control monitors a system with a maximum output of 3,600 watts.

In Germany, Austria and France, for example, due to the applicable standards, the use of a StecaGrid Control D1 with grid-monitoring function (MSD) and integrated residual current circuit breaker is mandatory. In countries without impedance monitoring, e.g. the Netherlands, StecaGrid Control N is used.

The frontal display of the StecaGrid Control shows both the amount of energy produced by the MiniString inverters, and the current system status.



  • Text LC display
  • for energy yield


  • Main switch



  •  StecaGrid Control StecaGrid Control certificate CE - SG Comtrol N1 · pdf · 0.784 MB

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