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The update version of the StecaGrid Configurator makes it possible to plan a photovoltaic system in an even more professional manner. It offers a wealth of improvements compared to its fore­runner, the 3.2 version.

Among the new features is the inclusion of the new 70 percent rule for design relationships where the output power is only 70 percent of the module power. To consider the reactive power, Cos Phi (1.00; 0.95 or 0.90) can be selected. The system planner can also specify the maximum and minimum module temperatures. The number of modules to be used in the selected system configuration can be modified subsequently. The effects on the system values and yields as well as exceeding of the input parameters are clearly shown.

This version is self-contained, offering a convenient user interface. There are four different options for determining the size of a photovoltaic system after selecting a module type. In addition, modules stored in a large database can be filtered according to specific criteria. If the required module is not stored in the database, you can add own modules to the programme. This is followed by the selection of the inverters according to a range of specifications, for example the installation site and rated AC or DC power.

The calculated cost of generating electricity is taken as the standard selection criterion. To help with the specifications, the programme includes different values for the cost of systems planning as well as for modules, wiring, installation systems, etc. The installing company can provide their client data and company logo, which will appear on the printouts. A total of 100 locations throughout Europe offer irradiation data to help predict annual energy yield.

The predicted annual energy yield and the similarly editable values for the discount factor and operating time together allow the exact calculation in cents per kilowatt hour of the costs incurred by a system in producing electricity. On the basis of the electricity generation costs, it is possible to ascertain at a glance whether it would be more efficient to use the inverter with one more solar module, or one fewer. A list of required parts, the connection diagram and a summary of the project data all guarantee professional preparation for sales meetings with customers.

The programme’s menu navigation can be set to German, English, French, Italian or Spanish.


Product data sheet

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Product pics, technical drawings, etc.

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