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StecaGrid Configurator 2.8.5

StecaGrid Configurator 2 8 5 315px web.jpg
StecaGrid Configurator 2 8 5 315px web


The StecaGrid Configurator is a program for dimensioning photovoltaic systems.

It was conceived to verify the combination of the StecaGrid inverter series with all commercially available solar modules and to realise optimal system configurations. With the help of integrated graphics and explanations the results are clear and easy to understand.

The StecaGrid Configurator has been developed as an Excel file, which guarantees conformity and simple handling. This format also saves the user the trouble of installing software on the PC. The wide range of integrated data and functions, which come as standard, enables the user to carry out a large number of simulations with little data input. On the other hand, input of the user’s own data also enables the verification of every specific and personalised layout. An extensive range of languages also contributes to making the program as user-friendly as possible.


Product data sheet

  •  StecaGrid Configurator 2.8.5 productdatasheet DE · pdf · 0,952 MB
  •  StecaGrid Configurator 2.8.5 productdatasheet EN · pdf · 0.952 MB
  •  StecaGrid Configurator 2.8.5 productdatasheet FR · pdf · 0,952 MB


  •  StecaGrid Configurator 2.8.5 software 2.8.5 · xls · 1.898 MB
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