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StecaGrid 2010+

2,000 W up to several 10,000 W

StecaGrid 2010plus Master Slave photo 300dpi 3D.jpg
StecaGrid 2010plus Master Slave photo 300dpi 3D


This product range consists of masters and slaves. Like the slaves, the master includes an inverter, but it also provides additional functions: a four-line display, a data logger for storing the yield values, country-specific grid monitoring of the alternating current output, and optional use of an interface card.

Flexible system design

Every inverter (master or slave) of the product range has two inputs, with each input having its own MPP tracker. One module string can be connected to each input. If required, the inputs can also be connected in parallel.

The advantage of such a system is the low sensitivity to negative influences such as (e.g.) partial shadowing, functional faults, or the dropout of a string. The use of several decentralised master-slave combinations reduces the cost of DC cabling, and minimises electrical losses.

Galvanic isolation

The StecaGrid 2000+ and StecaGrid 2010+ inverters are equipped with a high-frequency transformer, and are thus galvanically isolated. This enables unrestricted use of thin-film modules. Nevertheless, high efficiency of up to 95 % is achieved.

Diverse application situations

StecaGrid inverters offer constant high-power capability over a wide range of ambient temperatures. This is supported by maintenance-free, natural convection via the large-dimension cooling fins. Since no fans are used, the inverters work in virtual silence. Thanks to the high degree of protection, StecaGrid inverters are also suitable for outdoor installation.

Integrated DC circuit breaker

To reduce the installation time, the StecaGrid inverter has an integrated DC circuit breaker. For safety reasons, the cable cover located above the DC connector can only be removed when the DC circuit breaker is switched off.

StecaGrid 2000+ and StecaGrid 2010+ (Master and Slaves) can be combined with each other.

Guarantee service

The StecaGrid 2000+ and 2010+ come with a 5-year guarantee. The guarantee period can be optionally extended up to 10 years.


Product features

  • Flexible and expandable
  • High efficiency
  • Low weight
  • Simple installation
  • Master-slave concept
  • Fanless and maintenance-free
  • Integrated data logger
  • Suitable for outdoor installation
  • Two Maximum Power Point Trackers (MPP tracker) per device
  • Integrated DC circuit breaker
  • Wall-mounting with steel wall bracket for very easy installation

Electronic protection functions

  • Integrated temperature monitoring with output derating


  • Text LC display
  • Multi-coloured LED shows operating states
  • for current output, energy yields, operating parameters, date, time, service information


  • Multilingual menu navigation
  • Four cursor buttons for menu selection


Product data sheet

  •  StecaGrid 2010+ productdatasheet EN · pdf · 0.615 MB
  •  StecaGrid 2010+ productdatasheet FR · pdf · 0,823 MB


  •  StecaGrid 2010+ manual DE, EN, FR · pdf · 20.845 MB
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