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The new Steca sunCloud
From 04.10.2022 you will find our new online monitoring portal at the following link:

Plug and Play

If the Ethernet interface of the StecaGrid inverter is connected to a router, the system data from the inverter's data logger is sent directly to the Steca sunCloud online monitoring portal. Setting up the portal is easy: an intuitive registration form can be found at When the inverters are installed, the serial numbers of the installed devices are requested. Several inverters can also be combined into one system in the Steca sunCloud. The data of the individual devices and the total values of the entire system are displayed.

Permanent free use

Our end customers can use the Steca sunCloud permanently free of charge.

Clear presentation of yield data

The graphic interface is very clearly designed. As a user, you can enjoy well thought-out and very user-friendly aspects. The operation is simple and very intuitive, as the measured values are presented in a graphically intelligent and easy-to-understand way. Decide for yourself whether you would like to see the yields generated in a current live view, for example, or in a historical display over selectable past periods.

User-friendly mobile use

Monitor the performance of your PV system free of charge with the Steca sunCloud. Via the Internet-based monitoring portal and an intuitive user interface, you can access your yield data at any time and from anywhere in the world. The new Steca sunCloud can also be conveniently operated via smartphone or tablet.

Log in - view earnings data - change your personal  settings

You can view the yield data of your system in the Steca sunCloud. After logging in, it is also possible to change your personal settings at any time.


Product data sheet

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Quick start guide

  •  Steca sunCloud productdownload_item-kurzanleitung Kurzanleitung / Manual · pdf · 0.481 MB
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