Steca TPS 20

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TPS 20 G close 3D.jpg


The Steca TPS 20 two-string solar pump station is a complete pre-assembled hydraulic unit with an integrated Steca TR 0301 controller.

The pump assembly is the connecting link between the solar collector system and the hot water storage tank, and includes all fittings and safety devices for safe and long-lasting operation of a solar thermal system. Complete prefabrication enables quick and easy installation of all system hydraulics. With the aid of a newly developed flow rate display, and an inspection glass made of borosilicate glass, the present flow rate is always indicated. For increased operational safety of the system, an optional integrated deaerator can be used as a continuous air separator in the supply circuit. The standard is a WILO ST15/6 ECO solar thermal pump with an installation length of 130 mm. The supply circuit and the circulation pump can be shut off completely, so that it is not necessary to empty the entire solar energy system for servicing or pump replacement. In keeping with our high quality standards, all fluid-carrying components are brass and completely screw-fitted


Product features

  • Solar pump station with integrated Steca controller
  • Full metal dial thermometer for supply and return
  • Newly developed flow display
  • Safety valve approved for solar energy systems
  • High temperature resistant, full metal manometer with shut-off valve
  • Gravity brakes in supply and return, made of solid brass including a ball valve with rotary shut-off ball
  • Integrated deaerator for continuous air separation during operation
  • Integrated and easy-to-use flushing and filling unit before the pump, via emptying taps
  • Designer heat shell for insulating the valves, with very good pump ventilation and cooling
  • Wall-mounting with steel wall bracket for very easy installation
  • Various connection options for stainless steel corrugated pipe, cutting ring screw connection or commercially available fittings



  •  Steca TPS 20 certificate CE - TPS 20 · pdf · 1.085 MB

Product data sheet

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