Steca TK RW2

IFA router for online visualisation

Steca TK RW2 IFA Router photo 300dpi 3D.jpg
Steca TK RW2 IFA Router photo 300dpi 3D


The Internet remote display allows permanent monitoring and performance analysis of one or more solar energy systems. The Steca TK RW2 IFA router allows visualisation of the operation of solar thermal systems: Temperature and performance data are clearly displayed for analysis in an Internet browser window.

This works in a simple way: The Steca TR 0603mc solar thermal controller cyclically sends measurements to the IFA router. The Steca TK RW2 processes the data and forwards it to a central server. The server archives this information and presents it visually in the Internet - as system images, graphics, tables, diagrams and even as a slide slow. These visualisations can also be sent from the IFA router to a digital picture frame via the WLAN interface.

Not only the momentary values for each solar energy system are visualised but also the changes in temperature over time using easy to understand diagrams. If a heat meter is also used then, in addition to momentary values, the system is even capable of displaying energy balances and CO2 savings.

By logging in with their personal user name and password the operator can use the Internet to monitor their system information from any location in the world.

This allows simultaneous management and monitoring for correct operation of multiple systems. The raw data archived­ on the server can be downloaded for detailed analysis with Steca TS Analyzer. Historical information is permanently available for comparative monitoring of system functions. This allows malfunctions and the origins of faults to be quickly recognised, analysed and corrected, which greatly improves the operational reliability of the system.


Product data sheet

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Product pics, technical drawings, etc.

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