Steca TA FV1

Remote controller for the heating  controller Steca TH A603 M / MS

Steca TA FV1 picture 3D.jpg
Steca TA FV1 picture 3D


If a room guided heating circuit is installed in the building, the remote control Steca TA FV1 is required to control the temperature. The room temperature sensor Pt1000 is already integrated in the device. The rated supply temperature or the required room temperature can be controlled conveniently from home via a hand wheel. You can force switching from day operation to night-time reduction or night-time shut-off by turning the wheel all the way to the right or left.

If a weather-guided heating circuit is installed, Steca TA FV1 can also be used to determine the room temperature and to reduce or increase the supply temperature.


Product features

  • Simple installation
  • High accuracy
  • Screw terminals allow universal and rapid installation


Product data sheet

  •  Steca TA FV1 productdatasheet DE · pdf · 0,924 MB
  •  Steca TA FV1 productdatasheet EN · pdf · 0.924 MB
  •  Steca TA FV1 productdatasheet FR · pdf · 0,924 MB

Product pics, technical drawings, etc.

  •  Steca TA FV1 product pic 3D · jpg, 300 DPI, high quality · 1.982 MB
  •  Steca TA FV1 product pic 3D · jpg, 72 DPI, web quality · 0.454 MB

Technical data

Degree of protection
IP 30
Dimensions (X x Y x Z)
75 x 75 x 25 mm
Temperature sensor
Measuring range
-30 °C … +60 °C
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