Steca Pt1000

Immersion sensor

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Pt1000 12


Immersion sensors allow temperature recording in liquid and gaseous media and are designed for installation in existing or on-site immersion sleeves.
The standard measurement unit contains a Pt1000 temperature sensor, according to DIN EN 60 751, class B, in a two-core connection.


Product features

  • For installation in immersion sleeves


Product data sheet

  •  Steca Pt1000 productdatasheet DE · pdf · 1,211 MB
  •  Steca Pt1000 productdatasheet EN · pdf · 1.210 MB
  •  Steca Pt1000 productdatasheet FR · pdf · 1,211 MB

Product pics, technical drawings, etc.

  •  Steca Pt1000 product pic · gif, 300 DPI, high quality · 0.179 MB
  •  Steca Pt1000 product pic · gif, 72 DPI, web quality · 0.179 MB

Technical data

Measuring range
-50 °C … +230 °C
Temperature sensors
6 mm
Length silicon cable
1500 mm
Bushing length
50 mm
Bushing material
stainless steel
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