Steca PA TS10 / PA TS20IP10 / PA TS-S

External temperature sensors

Steca PA TS10
Steca PA TS10


The Steca PA TS10, Steca PA TS20IP10 and Steca PA TS-S external temperature sensors are used for monitoring the battery temperature. All Steca solar charge controllers have an integrated temperature sensor that makes them capable of adjusting the charging strategy to suit the current temperature conditions. The external temperature sensors are only required when the battery must be installed in a different room to the solar charge controller. The Steca PA TS10 is supplied with a plug for connection to the solar charge controller and a ring eyelet for connection to the battery screw. The PA TS20IP10 is supplied with plugs and a ring eyelet, making free cable selection possible. The external temperature sensors are suitable for use with Steca PR 10-30, Steca Solarix, Steca Solarix MPPT, Steca Power Tarom, Steca PR 2020 IP, Steca Tarom 4545/4545-48 and Steca Tarom MPPT 6000-S/6000-M solar charge controllers.


Product features

  • Passive sensor
  • Low weight
  • Very long service life
  • Simple installation
  • Maintenance-free
  • No own consumption
  • Best reliability


  • Compliant with European Standards (CE)
  • RoHS compliant


Product data sheet

  •  Steca PA TS10 / PA TS20IP10 / PA TS-S productdatasheet DE · pdf · 0,915 MB
  •  Steca PA TS10 / PA TS20IP10 / PA TS-S productdatasheet EN · pdf · 0.915 MB
  •  Steca PA TS10 / PA TS20IP10 / PA TS-S productdatasheet FR · pdf · 0,916 MB

Technical data

Characterisation of the operating performance
Measurement accuracy
±5 %
Operating conditions
Ambient temperature
-25 °C … +125 °C
Fitting and construction
Battery connection
ring eyelet Ø 10 mm
ring eyelet Ø 10 mm
Charge controller connection
twice a2-pole luster terminal
2-pole cable, optional connector
3.75 m
without cable
1.8 m
Degree of protection
IP 22
95 g
30 g
40 g
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