Solar Thermal

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Solar thermal energy is the current standard in many households. Our solar thermal products ensure the safe, effective operation of solar energy systems for domestic water heating and back-up heating. The centrepiece of a solar thermal system is the solar controller which uses the sun as a supply of energy in conjunction with the solar collectors, storage tanks and circulation pumps. It also monitors and controlls technical procedures. The wide range of solar thermal products stands out in terms of high efficiency and ease of operation. This makes the sun – thanks to Steca – into an everyday energy source which can be taken as a matter of course.

Products and information

Solar controllers, temperature differential controllers, Steca TR A503 TTR

Solar controllers as temperature differential controllers

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Heating controllers, Steca TH A603 M

Heating controllers

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Domestic hot water, Domestic hot water technology, Domestic hot water controllers

Domestic hot water controllers

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System controller, Steca TR 0603mc

System controllers

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Steca TS Analyzer 2

Professional system monitoring for permanent checking and performance analysis

Steca TA AF1


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Product archive

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