Sine Wave Inverters

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can be connected to AC appliances

More than just DC appliances can be used in an off-grid PV system. If a stand-alone inverter is connected to the battery in these systems, AC appliances can also be operated. Sine wave inverters from Steca are the ideal way to provide a professional, modern and reliable power supply anywhere in the world.

Solarix PLI 5000 2400.jpg

Steca Solarix PLI

5000-48, 2400-24, 1000-12
Steca AJ picture 3D.jpg

Steca AJ

275-12, 350-24, 400-48, 700-48, 1000-12, 2100-12, 2400-24
Steca Xtender XTS XTM XTH picture 3D.jpg

Steca Xtender

XTS 900-12, XTS 1200-24, XTS 1400-48, XTM 1500-12, XTM 2000-12, XTM 2400-24, XTM 3500-24, XTM 2600-48, XTM 4000-48, XTH 3000-12, XTH 5000-24, XTH 6000-48, XTH 8000-48
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Inverter Selection

General recommendations for alternating current and hybrid systemsmore
Hybrid systems, singlephase, threephase

Hybrid systems

The main feature of a hybrid system is the use of two or more different electricity sources.more
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