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As a manufacturer, we are only equipped to a limited extent to respond to enquiries from end customers.
Therefore we ask you for the following
If you need technical support or have questions about our products, please contact your local dealer directly. Thank you very much.

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Service and warranty conditions Australia

Compatibility of modules with StecaGrid inverters

Compatibility thin-film modules

Which inverters are suitable for use with the  thin-film modules?more
Wechselrichter, 50,2 Hertz-Problematik

Wechselrichter-Umrüstung aufgrund der 50,2 Hertz-Problematik

Nachrüstung von StecaGrid Wechselrichternmore

Complaints processing within the European Union

Here is our 5 step guide to your replacement inverter.more
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Requesting a replacement device

Quick and simple replacement of StecaGrid inverters.more
5-year warranty

PV On Grid: warranty conditions

for inverters of the coolcept family.more
5 Jahre Garantie

PV Off Grid: Warranty conditions

for various Steca sine wave inverters and solar charge controllers.more
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