84 kwp City singapur

Solartechnik, ref_pv,Photovoltaics, Singapore , Roof-mounted system 84 kWpSolartechnik, ref_pv,Photovoltaics, Singapore , Roof-mounted system 84 kWp

System power84 kWp
System locationRoof-mounted system
Number of inverters14
Inverter:14x StecaGrid 2000+ Master
Inverter 2:28x StecaGrid 2000+ Slave
coolcept, inverter, Topology

Steca's inverter topology coolcept

coolcept is Steca‘s new inverter topology that provides­ the highest peak efficiency. The patented coolcept topology is a global innovation that is only available from KATEK Memmingen.more
coolcept, inverter family

Product overview coolcept inverters

All single-phase and three-phase coolcept inverters are extraordinarily cool, efficient and durable. In addition, all devices are extremely lightweight and quiet. Nevertheless there are differences for planners and users.more
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