Professional system monitoring for reliable yields

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Locally and remotely

Continuous system monitoring is recommended, or even essential, for obtaining the absolute maximum performance from your solar energy system at all times. KATEK Memmingen offers you a number of different system monitoring methods:
local visualisation, remote querying or remote monitoring.

Local visualisation is sufficient when the operator regularly checks the data on the display unit of the inverter or via a connected PC or Laptop.

Remote system querying is more convenient. The internal data logger can display all system data via the HTML user interface. With the StecaGrid Portal system data can be accessed online from anywhere. The data logger sends the system data to an
external database. The operator can then log in to this database and not only analyse his or her data but can also compare the data with regional irradiance values. This thus provides the operator with an objective impression of the effectiveness of his or
her PV system.

The most professional method is remote monitoring via an external data logger: The data logger monitors the functions of the system components and reports faults. Beyond this it stores all relevant system data.

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Steca sunCloud

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StecaGrid Webserver

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