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On-site and remotely

In order to fully utilize the performance of your solar system at all times, continuous system monitoring is essential. With Steca products, we offer you various options for system monitoring:
Local visualization, remote query or remote monitoring.

Local visualization is best suited if you want to retrieve as much information as possible or very detailed data via the display unit or via the web server integrated in the inverter on your PC or a local network. Some inverter types also provide the data in XML form. In this case, the data is provided by the inverter's HTTP server via Ethernet using HTTP / GET. In the simplest case, you can then query the data directly using a browser and the respective inverter IP address.

Remote retrieval is more convenient: Via the Steca solar portal, you can retrieve the system data online via the Internet from anywhere in the world. To do this, the internal data logger sends all relevant parameters to an external database. You log on to and have your live or historical data prepared and visualized in the solar portal sunCloud.

The most professional method is to monitor the system via an external data logger: This monitors the functionality of the system components and immediately reports any faults to the operator. In addition, it stores all relevant data.

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