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Philosophy & Corporate Policy


Fair partnerships and transparent communication

KATEK Memmingen has long stood for ideas and innovations as an electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider and manufacturer of Steca brand product lines in solar electronics and battery charging systems. Our capability and personal responsibility allow us all to create high-quality individual electronic products and to distribute them on a global scale. Simple business processes, fair partnerships and transparent communication are perceptible and contribute to our joint success.

Flexible. Quick. Reliable.

Optimal customer care is an important mark of quality for our company. An important factor in this respect is being oriented to what benefits you, i.e. flexibility, speed, reliability and economic viability. It is important for our team to always be available for you. This helps us ensure good and efficient cooperation between you and our development, logistics and production departments.

Our aim: business excellence

Our approach: every day a small improvement with LEAN

We strive for continuous improvements together with our employees: for streamlined processes for more goal-oriented communication and cooperation, sustainable solutions and attractive products.

We learn through constant review and adaptation. We improve through standardisation and correction. We leave no department unchecked, whether it be production, administration and development.

Well thought out, but without losing ourselves in details, we implement ideas quickly. This always yields the better solution. To this end and with our LEAN partner U-Quadrat GmbH, we train our management and staff to become LEAN experts.

Corporate Policy

The principles underpinning the company’s group success are set forth in the KATEK Memmingen mission statement.

1. Quality policies
The company’s quality policies are defined by the Management of KATEK Memmingen GmbH and apply throughout all areas of the company. Every employee can count quality assurance tasks among their work sphere. It is their duty to perform these tasks in line with the specified guidelines and instructions.

The aim of KATEK Memmingen GmbH is to manufacture products that fulfil the requirements of the market, the environment and, above all, the expectations and requirements of interested parties and our customers.

• Satisfaction among customers and interested parties alike
It is our highest goal to satisfy our customers through fault-free products, 100% schedule and delivery reliability as well as the fulfilment of all customer requirements. Good cooperation based on trust is the prerequisite underlying customer-supplier partnerships. Fulfilling the expectations and requirements of interested parties is our utmost priority.

• Continuous improvement
Our processes, services and products are continually examined in regard to their suitability and improvement potential. The implementation of appropriate measures is monitored and documented. Key performance indicators are defined for all areas and processes – the results are monitored regularly and suitable measures are drawn up in case of discrepancies. Our competitive process organisation is able to continually recognise the new challenges of the market and adapt to these, thereby assuring the fulfilment of customer requirements and future growth.

• Zero error strategy
Our aim is to provide our products, processes and services without fault. Quality awareness must be promoted on all levels at KATEK Memmingen.
We are customers and suppliers. As a supplier, we provide only flawless work and expect the same quality as a customer. Together with suppliers, we strive towards collaboration based on partnership and trust. Our suppliers provide an essential contribution to the quality of our products. We expect the same high standards from them as we do from ourselves.

• Training, retraining and employee satisfaction
Appropriate training is a key prerequisite if our employees are to carry out the tasks assigned to them effectively. Ongoing training at KATEK Memmingen guarantees the knowledge needed to respond to the increasingly challenging requirements in our working environment. The ability to think and act with customers and quality in mind must be fostered on a continuous basis. The aims of the organisation are analysed and defined correspondingly in staff meetings. This enables us to ascertain the appropriate quality requirements.

2. Environmental policies
The environmental policies of KATEK Memmingen GmbH will help us to realise the goal of a sustainable and ecologically friendly company organisation. They are based on compliance with environmental legislation and state-of-the-art technology. Their application is important for the economic and ecological success of our company.
The environmental policies apply across all sites with due consideration of country-specific environmental legislation.

Building on this, we pursue a path of continuous improvement. The principles of action set out below summarise our integral corporate philosophy concerning the environment and serve as guidelines in this context:

• Environmental protection is an essential managerial task and hence a task of Management. However, all staff are responsible for an effective framework involving awareness and action.

• KATEK Memmingen is committed to surpass mere compliance with the relevant environmental regulations, so as to improve the company’s environmental protection on a continuous basis. We are environmentally conscious in our use of energy and material resources.

• The ecological consequences of our actions are evaluated as early as possible so as to prevent environmental pollution.

• Avoidance of environmental damage and environmental pollution by utilising all organisational and technically feasible options that are economically viable.

• Knowledge and consideration of environmental interests among the interested parties bound to us (partners, suppliers, customers, central and local authorities, external organisations etc.)

• We regard the entire logistics value added chain as a core element of our environmental awareness, embedding suppliers, service providers and customers as well as transportation within this.

3. Energy policies
We use machines that correspond to the state-of-the art in science and technology. All phases of product development are planned meticulously. In so doing, we pay close attention to standards, technical rules, customer specifications and statutory regulations. In line with our responsibility regarding people and the environment, we have made it our objective to attain sustainable production through continuous improvement in our energy performance.
We define the guiding principles underscoring our energy management whereby it is our duty to manufacture products that fulfil and surpass the requirements and expectations of an energy efficient production system in every respect. We therefore commit ourselves to reduce our energy consumption on a lasting basis and boost our energy efficiency within the framework of a continuous improvement process. Here it is particularly important for us to support the purchase of energy efficient products and services.
The energy policies of KATEK Memmingen GmbH are defined centrally by Management and are binding for the Memmingen site.
Our permanent endeavours by informing, training and retraining our staff enable them to actively support and collaborate in the energy management system of KATEK Memmingen GmbH.

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