Parking space supply units

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For many applications, vehicles must be ready for use at all times. Regardless of whether your application involves a fire engine, a bus or a driverless transport system (DTS), you have to be able to rely on your system.

Steca parking space supply systems are essential where batteries need to be ready for use in vehicles at all times. Our systems are already providing successful and reliable service in lots of areas. They are used at many local public transport depots, as stand-by systems in fire brigades and for charging driverless transport systems (DTS) during ongoing operation.

Bus depots

Parking space supply systems are available as individual devices or as charging posts. They charge the batteries of the connected vehicle and guarantee a charged battery at all times. The parking space supply system also charges parallel loads in the bus. This protects the battery set and improves the service lives of the batteries.

On request, these systems can be fitted with communication interfaces. We supply all necessary components as well as bus identification modules or our gateway which  transfers the data from the bus and charging post to depot management software. For example, a heating signal can be sent to the bus and the feedback can be monitored. The depot management system can process and display the battery charging parameters, parking space data and bus number.

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Stecamat 862

Processor-controlled charger for lead-acid batteries with communication feature
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