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Two billion people in rural areas still have no access to an electricity grid. KATEK Memmingen has set itself the target of improving the quality of life of these people. To this end, KATEK Memmingen develops and manufactures top-quality products which, thanks to their long lifetime, ensure extremely low costs.

Today, modern and professional electricity supplies are necessary in every part of the world. For these supplies, the focus is on high industrial demands, flexibility, environmental sustainability and reliability. Steca system technology for hybrid and telecommunication systems unites these aspects, thereby creating a basis for the multimedia and communication age.

Products and information

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar Charge Controllers

control the complete energy flow in solar home systemsmore
Sine wave inverter, Steca Solarix PI

Sine Wave Inverters

can be connected to AC appliancesmore
FernView dashboard notebook

FernView: An intuitive status overview of all your systems.

DC load, Solar, refrigerator, freezer, Steca PF 166, Steca PF 240

DC-refrigerators and freezers

solar-powered refrigerators and freezers, energy-saving bulbs, LEDs and accessoriesmore
temperature sensors, Remoter control, Data logger, Accessories, PV System


Temperature sensors, remote controls or data loggersmore
Steca Battery charging technology

Battery charging systems

Produktarchiv 60x80px

Product archive

hybrid system, reference system

Reference Systems

Here you can find a guide to the various ways in which Steca solar charge controllers and sine wave inverters can be usedmore
20191017 Steca Premium Partner

Supply sources, PV off grid

Find your authorised specialist Steca dealer heremore

FAQ Steca charge controller


FAQ Steca Solarix PLI hybrid inverters

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