Heating controllers

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Resource-saving heating techno­­logy

The entire Steca product portfolio is hallmarked by high performance, convenient installation and easy operation:
Heating circuit controllers provide resource-saving and energy-efficient control of heating circuits.

The use of so-called mixers represents significant progress in this area: they direct cooled return water to the hot boiler or buffer storage tank water, to ensure that the supply temperature (temperature of the heating water flowing to the radiators and underfloor heating system) complies with the actual heat requirement. The heating circuit controller controls this process depending on the room or external temperature.

Our heating controllers allow for the energy-optimised and user-friendly control of a mixed heating circuit: a constant comparison of the external or guide room temperature with the selected room temperature keeps the losses in the piping system as low as possible via constant adjustment of the supply temperature. Our controllers are the most energy-efficient way of controlling a heating circuit.

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