Energy and feed-in management

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Convenient feed-in management for systems with one inverter

The inverters in the coolcept and coolcept³ family all have a Modbus-RTU interface
which receives a Modbus energy meter.

The feeding power can be limited or completely stopped as required. The maximum
power to be fed into the gird can be conveniently set in Watt on the inverter display.
This makes it easy to meet the 70 % limit, for instance. Thanks to communication via Modbus RTU, the control response is very fast.

Several preprogrammed energy meters allow for swift and easy installation: users
simply choose the respective energy meter type on the inverter.

The coolcept inverters thus provide a very simple and cost-effective feed-in management solution which does not require any further accessories.

This solution has been optimised for systems with inverters. Where more than one inverter is used per system, or further functions are required, the StecaGrid SEM (Smart Energy Manager) is used.

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