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Heating drinking water energy-efficiently and hygienically is the responsibility of demand-dependent fresh water technology. It considerably reduces the risk of contamination and legionella multiplication.

If fresh water is withdrawn, the domestic hot water controller detects the removal and has the discharge pump withdraw hot water from the buffer storage tank via the plate heat exchanger. The plate heat exchanger heats the water using the continuous flow heater principle. The domestic hot water controller controls the pump speed of the discharge pump so that the hot water temperature is kept constant at the value set even if the withdrawal quantity changes.

This intelligent control system guarantees low return temperatures to the buffer storage tank and unrestricted hot water comfort.

Fresh water technology is the ideal addition to all heating systems which use buffer storage tanks: e.g. solar thermal systems, wood-fired boilers, heat pumps and water heating stoves.

Fresh water technology, fresh water, fresh water controller

Fresh water technology

Direct, fresh and hygienic drinking water heating using the continuous-flow water heating principle: In a fresh water station, the hot water is only heated when it is actually required.more
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Steca fresh water laboratory

In the Steca fresh water laboratory stand-alone and cascadable fresh water stations of various capacities can be tested and optimised using different thermodynamic influences and different parameter values.more
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