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Battery charging systems

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Efficient, intuitive and safe

Steca battery charging technology stands out from the start thanks to its high quality and durability. For decades we have been developing efficient and user-friendly charging technology in cooperation with leading battery manufacturers and institutes in order to ensure that you can use your batteries safely.

Our main focus is on making the charging devices easy to use and achieving the best battery charge possible. The charging process is fully automatic and the user has access to information about the charging behaviour of their battery at all times. Steca battery charging technology can even test batteries in terms of their charging capacity and remaining capacity. This way, the user knows whether or not the battery is still working efficiently and if it is suitable for the planned application. This avoids unexpected battery failures and the resulting costs.

In addition to battery charging devices and testing devices, we provide parking space supply systems, for example for bus depots. If you are planning to construct a battery charging station, you will find that the charging technology in Steca battery charging devices conforms to all relevant standards.

Consultation and planning

In connection with our battery chargers our staff will be glad to give you expert advice on all questions regarding batteries and battery use. We focus on finding the best solution for your application. This way, we can keep a constant eye on the applicable standards for the application in question and implement them. Our engineers and partners can plan your ideal configuration and help you draw up specifications.

After-sales service

We are constantly expanding our network of service partners for distribution, maintenance and repairs. This allows us to react to your enquiries as quickly as possible. We are also happy to advise you over our customer hotline.

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Battery Chargers

Energy for your applicationmore

Stecamat 820

Processor-controlled charger for lead-acid batteries

Stecamat 821

Processor-controlled charger for lead-acid batteries

Stecamat 860

Processor-controlled charger for lead-acid batteries

Stecamat 861

Processor-controlled charger for lead-acid batteries

Stecamat 861 ES

Processor-controlled charger / discharger for lead-acid batteries
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Parking space supply units

Steca parking space supply systems are essential where batteries need to be ready for use in vehicles at all times.more
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