Steca PA IRS 1008/180

Motion detector


The Steca PA IRS 1008/180 motion detector is connected to the load output of the night light charge controller. This supplies the lamp, which lights up for a few minutes when movement is detected.

The Steca PA IRS 1008/180 is characterised above all by its extremely low level of self-consumption and is therefore ideally suited for solar applications.



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Product data sheet

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Product pics, technical drawings, etc.

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Technical data

 PA IRS 1008/180PA IRS 1008/180-24
Characterisation of the operating performance
Own consumption
6 mA
2 mA
Turn on time
1 min. … 5 min.
DC output side
Battery voltage
12 V
24 V
Load current
5 A
Fitting and construction
Reach / detection area
7 m / 180°
Degree of protection
IP 65
  • Inverters must not be connected to the load output.
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